Every Portrait is unique because we're all unique.

We believe a Portrait should either 'tell you something' about the subject or make you 'feel something' about the picture.

At SEi Creatives we aspire to create 'Conversation Pieces' not just pictures.



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The Portrait maybe a powerful Black & White or a

Soft Image of Love. Children laughing, a Family

United or a Memory that stays Special in our heart.

Whatever the reason or occasion call us because -

We Design Portraiture for Your lifestyle.


To achieve all this we need to get to know each client and discuss what they want. This

is why we like to talk with every prospective client, so we get to know you better.

There's no fee for this part of the service but it gives us all an opportunity to explore

ideas and begin to design your Perfect Portrait.

So call us now about Portraiture on 01202 - 311234


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